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18 October 2011 @ 03:19 am
How would you describe a group hooking up to a machine that loads their consciousness into an artificial construct based on a fictitious reality? I'm searching for techno/psychiatric terminology. The setting would be a highly technologically advanced civilization that took comatose patients, criminals, and volunteers. People could realize the changes in reality, act, and respond accordingly. They may have been brain washed, born to it, or mentally unstable enough to just except the new environment. A programmer could enter and be a formidable person or even a god. I'm searching for a means to story tell this concept for, by example, Cyber Punk. I see this as a means to tie game systems together, where by characters may learn skills while jacked in. The idea can obviously be applied to many game systems, but with only one main game - unless you enjoy linking parallel universes in a fashion...
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02 April 2011 @ 01:59 pm
Does everyone mind if we do something other than D&D tonight? It's been a heck of a week and I will be incapable of being coherent enough to run a game.
19 March 2011 @ 03:59 pm
I can't remember . . we meeting this evening? If so, I'd like to suggest we do something other than the D&D game as I need a little more time to prepare. Worked a little OT recently and have run out of time.
Orphaned at a young age, Anton grew up in the streets and alleys of rough frontier towns. Gambling carousing, and fighting were all he knew.

At the age of about 20, Anton had a fight that would change his life. Trying to recover a small amount of money owed him by a gambling partner, Anton was beating the man senseless on the main street of the town in broad daylight. When a monk from the Sun Temple of Pelor tried to intervene in the fight, Anton flew into a rage, beating the brother to death.

The people of the town wanted to lynch Anton, as did some of the more hotheaded brothers of the temple. But the Cleric of the Temple intervened, saying that Anton could find sanctuary with him and his priests and monks and work off his sin and guilt through service to the temple.

At the frontier temple--a grand term for what amounted to a ranch with a few dozen men who were part religious order, part ranch hands--life was hard, and many times Anton considered leaving in the middle of the night. But as the months and years wore on, felt the grace of Pelor growing within him. His shame, fear, and anger began to be counterbalanced with forgiveness and love

During the Infernal War, Anton began to wish fervently to be initiated as a full Cleric of Pelor, but the Cleric of the Temple would not let him, asking Anton to stay and serve the frontier people. That changed a year ago, when Anton and the Cleric both received a vision from Pelor of Anton rooting out the remnants of the Infernal forces still in the world, and spreading faith and light to the allied races.

Now, after having been trained in the ways of a battle cleric and with the blessing of his god and his mentor, Anton is again looking for trouble, but in the name of that which is good and holy.


So I'm happy to alter this to better fit the world and timeline, gods & mythology, etc. that Richard has in mind. My main concept is that he's a bit older than your average first-level character, and perhaps a bit excited/scared to let his wild side out again on some Asmodeus-worshipping motherfuckers.

In terms of crunch, I've already statted him up as a balanced STR/WIS cleric, but with the idea that he'll go more the STR-battle route as he levels up. I painted a mini already because I'm like that.

I 'm guessing on Saturday we'll mostly be making characters. I have the core books (PHB, DMG, MM) for 4e, along with the Rules Compendium and some other stuff. I have the Player's Strategy Guide out from PPLD, which I'll bring for the illustrations if nothing else. Between my kids & me we have assembled a decent collection of minis and dungeon tiles, and some cardboard counters, so those are available once we start playing.
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27 February 2011 @ 11:22 am
Wrong Time, Right Place

They say a coward dies a thousand times while a brave man can only die once… how little they truly know. Simister was just a farmer when the black tide of the Devil’s army over ran the Dragonborn realm of the Sacred Flame. The armies were not prepared and fell under the weight of the Devils. Simister and many other Dragonborn fled into the human realms for there was no other place to go. Homeless in the human cities Simister watched as the human kingdom struggled with the on rushing oblivion. Yet somehow the tide broke and parity between the forces grew. It was then that Simister and many of his Dragonborn kin rose up to help the humans. Simister soon found himself marching with the last of the Dragonborn to, what later would be called theBattle of Duncor Plains or just The Final Battle, war. Simister had never held a sword and the only thing that other Dragonborn thought about Simister was that he could swing a scythe endlessly during the day, yet into the maelstrom he walked with other farmers and shopkeepers, only to shatter as the hellish hordes crashed into their lines.
Simister tried to remain brave and strong, upholding the honor of the Dragonborn, but soon it was too much and he found himself hiding under a discarded banner praying the roving hell hounds would not pick up his scent. Suddenly Simister felt a horrible pain at the base of his neck, as if something was digging into his skin and passed out. It turned out that the banner he hid under was actually the decapitated wing of the Pit Fiend, Azterties, second in command of the forces of hell. Azterties fell under the combined might of the knights and paladins of Humility which was the turning point in the Final Battle. Yet he was not destroyed, only gravely wounded. Soon the fiend would have regenerated, except one of its wings that would have returned to him, regenerated into another, Simister. Without the wing, Azterties, could not regain his full strength and, even worse for the devil, his power were being siphoned away from him into the being that dared to steal his wing.
When Simister woke up, his mind was almost over whelmed with images of another’s life. These images were vile and utterly evil. For over a day he lay on the battle field not able to pull his mind from the depths of those images. The next day he was found by a Priest of Mercy and brought to the healing tents. He lay there another day and the memories started to recede. Simister sat up and stretched, but then the screaming started all around him. Looked for the source and soon realized from the stares directed at him that he was the cause. Then he felt the strange sensation of a third wing. He fled the tent as cries for the knights to destroy the devil spawn came from the wounded.
Simister thought he was cursed until the first devil came trying to bring the wing back to Azterties. It was during that fight he found out that the wing gave him power and with that power he defeated the devil. It was then that Simister decided that he would avenge the fallen empire of the Sacred Flame and bring honor back to the memory of his Dragonborn kin.
This was a time for heroes. They will have to make do with Simister Darkwing….

Appearance: Simister looks like a golden brown scaled dragonborn with a very odd cloak wrapped around him. The cloak seems just to drape around one side almost like a toga but there are not clasps that hold it in place. The cloak is a very dark red, almost black.
05 October 2010 @ 12:37 pm
Do not know if anybody looks here anymore, but here we go. Even down Jay and Marrianne, we can still do something. So, Steve and Richard. Let me know if you would still like to do something.
18 August 2010 @ 09:56 pm

@ Derek's

the usual time

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Hope everybody is ready. 5 - 5:30. Pizza will be there and so will I. :)
23 July 2010 @ 02:26 pm
I should arrive in Denver at 4:10 pm Saturday. I should be back at my house around 6:30. Do people want to plan to arrive at my place by then, or shoudl this be held someplace else and I will arrive when I do?

I bought a bunch of assorted German chocolates that I will share.
02 July 2010 @ 09:16 am
My plans for Saturdayhave crashed and burned. I know it is short notice, but I thought I would check to see if some people were avalible. No worries if not. Just wanted to check.