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18 October 2011 @ 03:19 am
sci-fi/ fantasy  
How would you describe a group hooking up to a machine that loads their consciousness into an artificial construct based on a fictitious reality? I'm searching for techno/psychiatric terminology. The setting would be a highly technologically advanced civilization that took comatose patients, criminals, and volunteers. People could realize the changes in reality, act, and respond accordingly. They may have been brain washed, born to it, or mentally unstable enough to just except the new environment. A programmer could enter and be a formidable person or even a god. I'm searching for a means to story tell this concept for, by example, Cyber Punk. I see this as a means to tie game systems together, where by characters may learn skills while jacked in. The idea can obviously be applied to many game systems, but with only one main game - unless you enjoy linking parallel universes in a fashion...
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Frolicking Changelings, Hobbits, and Wee Folkmischievous_elf on October 18th, 2011 09:38 am (UTC)
Dream World/ Nightmare
I am entertaining a world where chaos reigns, almost anything goes, and is housed in a construct or artificially intelligent program. The program would be in its infant stages allowing the many minds jacked in to generate infinite possibility. Playing it the program could isolate your area, allowing no overlap or dramatic confrontation, depending on the game systems used. But, if the referee sought to confuse players, they could use my notes to generate a delusional component that depicts ancient gods from the cthulhu mythos to play confusion upon player imagination. The gods would really be programmers.